Struggling with one or more of the following may lead a person to ask for help :

bereavement, depression, anxiety, conflict, separation/divorce,trauma..

For others, the reason is less clear, linked to a :

general sense of unease with oneself and or in one’s relationships



However, undertaking psychotherapy is, in the end, a very personal decision, there isn’t a ‘typical’ reason.

Talking with friends or family does not always enable us to deal with issues we may be struggling with, especially as these relationships may themselves be a source of conflict and tension.

Firstly therefore, psychotherapy constitutes a space within which to be heard in a neutral and confidentiel setting.

During  the sessions I enable a person to articulate their experience of the :

WHY of past events and representations, though I refrain interpreting  ‘why’  in the form of a simplistic ’cause and effect’ equation.
WHAT of present day reality and relationships.
HOW of processing change for oneself and in one’s relationship to others.

Secondly, therefore, psychotherapy is a process enabling a person to gain insight into :

  • the personal and/or relationship issues which are causing difficulties.
  • the overall picture of their life, past and present, within their family /cultural context.
  • how they may advance towards a more adjusted way of living in relationship with themselves and with others, within the reality of their personal limitations and qualities.