A family or a couple is a dynamic system, adopting  it’s own particular adaptation capacity . As a living organisme it is therefore normal that a family or a couple is exposed to crisis !

Couples and or families  seek help in order to deal with :

communication problems,  misunderstandings, mistrust, conflicts …

During the sessions :

The participants are encouraged and helped to observe and respond, rather than to react and withdraw, thus :

  •  enabling one or more family member, if need be, to re-adjust their place within the relational system.
  • releaving the family system from over- anxiety and reactivity.



In sessions with children or adolescents :

  • they are enabled to articulate situations which may be causing fear/sadness/anger, along with discerning what they may be saying through any presenting symptomes.  In the case of children, drawing and play are often used as tools of expression.
  • according to what emerges, it may be necessary to work alongside the parents in order for the family to find its équlibre.