Over and above any method or technique, psychotherapy is primarily a relationship of trust and collaboration between two people.The work and process involved can be challenging and not always easy ; it is therefore essential to have confidence in the competence and respect of the therapist.

The following points are part of a frame work that ensure the safety of the patient and the therapist:

  • The confidentiality of patient identity and content of the sessions.
  • The prohibition of any acting out, particularly violent or sexual.
  • The misuse of control or power between the therapist and patient.

I adhere to the ethics of www.psy-en-mouvement.fr of which I am a qualified member.

Conforming to the Analysis-Tridimensionnelle Quality Charter, I am committed to maintain consistency between three dimensions that form the basis of the profession:

  • Theoretical coherence.
  • Ongoing individual supervision and peer group work.
  • Personal didactic analysis.