This will depend on the needs and desire of the person :

  • For some, a few sessions will bring relief or help a person find a way forward.
  • For others, a longer process is appropriate. In this case, they take the time needed in order to work on painful or troubled areas of their lives.
  • Alongside this a person may also be seeking for understanding and meaning and wish for time and space to explore existentiel issues.


The frequency of sessions will depend on the person and the urgency of the need.

The ending is envisaged and prepared together when the person is willing and able to continue without support. It can also be requested by the person, in which case I express what I think and respect the decision.

Consultations are not reimbursed by Sécurité Social, but some mutuelles will support a flat number of sessions:

  • Individual consultation: 55 euros for 45 mins
  • Couples:  65 euros for 60 mins
  • Except for urgent reasons, a session is due if forgotten or cancelled with less than 48hrs warning.


I am experienced in working via phone & skype for those who live at a distance, or who, due to exceptional circumstances, are unable to attend a session.