Integrative Psychotherapy :

Somatic Trauma Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress

Couple Therapy :

– Children :  Analysis of play and projective drawings :  

Clinical Psychopathology :

In France, the 2011 law on Psychotherapy requires a comprehensive training in psychopathology as a prerequisite to safe practice.



In listening to a person I seek to integrate :

  • being attentive to symptoms, the discomfort they may cause and their psychological significance.
  • an understanding of the logic/make up of a person’s inner structure and personality.
  •  beyond and above all, a respect for the uniqueness of each individual.



Integrative Psychotherapy meaning that I incorporate the following theories into my way of working :

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
In this therapeutic process, evolved from psychoanalytic theory,  the work focalises on individuals becoming more aware of their inner world and its influence over relationships, both past and present, thus enabling them to :

  •  gain understanding and insight into their internalised/unconcious dynamics which may be a source of conflict or discomfort for themselves and for their entourage.

Person-Centred Psychotherapy
This is based on an interactive dialogue with the aim of clarifying how individuals perceive themselves in the here and now and :

  • encouraging them to employ their own personal strengths and creativity towards implementing self growth and responsibility, whilst also maintaining a realistic perception of their limitations.

Family/Couple Systems Therapy
Taking into account environmental/cultural and family contexts, enabling family members to :

  •   work at the well being and growth of the couple/family system and its individual members.